Sakura Gakuin event report

Sakura Gakuin has released new single "WONDERFUL JOURNEY" and Held a launch event at Tower Records Shinjuku.

First, Public interview with science club, which was established as a new unit activity. The members Huriuchi Marina, Satou Hinata, Isono Rinon come to stage with Lab coat.
They said "Some people may thing hard when heard the word 'science' but, We want to experiment to make our song and live a little fun."

They announced that they will release a single from Science Club this fall. With techno-pop style that has not been in Sakura Gakuin before. When I get the impression it's looks like, Clever song!? (lol). If you able to remember, I think everyone will be get better head. Please remember very hard to buy the CD!

After the Press Conference the 12 members of sakura gakuin assembled on stage. While received big cheers live start with "FLY AWAY" showed off they rock tunes such as high tension. Continue to MC with self-introduction, they talk about "The most fun memories this summer."

Then Suu-chan talk about her heavy sound club "BABYMETAL" blablabal...
(lazy to translate :p)

They performed the new song "WONDERFUL JOURNEY" with theme like "let's traveling together within the mind". While brandishing the pink flag, Navigating the fans just like tour conductor. At the end, the members become six pairs, performed "FRIENDS" with friendship-like dance.

Sorry for bad translation, I'm still learning.
And thanks to my assistant, Google Translate~ 



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