BABYMETAL Next Single!

Sakura Gakuin Heavy Sound Club, BABYMETAL will release their next single on 9 January 2013.
Titled "Ijime Dame Zettai" 「イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ」

For DVD limited edition will coming with 3 version, I, D, and Z. And 1 regular edition.
For coupling song is still untitled. And also, this single is their debut major under label TOY'S FACTORY.

Type I = PV+ PV making
Type D = Iine and Doki Doki Morning live video (8 April 2012 SHIBUYA-AX)
Type Z = Headbanger and Uki Uki Midnight live video (21 June 2012)

source: Sakura Gakuin OHP


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