LOGICA? magz Information

LOGICA? mission report and interview publication notice. Please check below...

1. 『CD & DLでーた別冊「ニッポンのアイドル宣言2」』 (CD & DL Data extra issue [Japan Idol Declaration 2] releseased on 7/11
2. 『CD & DLでーた』 (CD & DL Data) released on 14/11 
3. 『Pen』 released on 15/11
※Interview about [Science Girl Silence Boy] music composition produced by Mr. EHAMI and a wonderful music video produced by ZUMI director.

4. 『モノ・マガジン』12-2号 (mono・magazine vol. 12-2) released on 16/11
※Report about LOGICA? activity in Tokyo University laboratory

5. 『グラビアザテレビジョンvol.24』 (Gravure The Television vol.24) released on late November
6. 『GiRL POP』 released on 1/12
7. 『Top Yell』 released on 4/12 

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