Sakura Gakuin Science Club, LOGICA? Public Live Broadcast ! !

LOGICA? has decided to celebrate the release of their 1st single "Science Girl ▽ Silence Boy" through nicinico HQ, will deliver public live broadcast.
In this live, We are planning to broadcast a little mind-bending and exciting live such as interesting scientific experiments with dr.Hirofumi Yumoto Director of Gakken Science Creation Institute as special lecturer and first public clip of "Science Girl ▽ Silence Boy" and etc.

Broadcast date time : 21/11 19:00~19:50
Title : Sakura Gakuin Science Club LOGICA? Nico Nico public live broadcast activation. 『さくら学院 科学部 ロヂカ?始動プログラム ニコニコ公開生放送』
Venue : Public live broadcast (Nico Nico Headquarters Satellite Studio)
Program url :

the rest is not translated since it's not really important to fans outside japan. It's just detail about the event, like how to participate, reservations, lottery, etc.

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