To the New Beginning (2013.04.02)

The road to graduation final Held in tokyo international forum hall C in march 31st,
Nakamoto suzuka, Sugimoto Mariri, with your warm applaud and your support,
we sent their graduation with a success.

from now on, the alumnus suzuka and mariri will spread their wings to their new dream.
and also, for sakura gakuin , together, please support us.

then, the first announcement in 2013 fiscal year.
in may 5th, as the start of 2013, we will hold [sakura gakuin 2013~ transfer student welcome ceremony].
there will be a new plan and a brand new uniform of sakura gakuin.

Date: may 5th 2013, opening: 17.00, starting: 17.30
Place: Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku Tokyo 23-21
Ticket: 4,800円 (tax included)
sell start at: april 21st, 12.00~
Ticket agency:
  1. (PC/携帯共通)
  2. (PC/携帯共通)


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