Hinata's Diary 2013-07-29

「Are you tired?」
~New single, "Ganbare!!"~

This is Hinata!

Maybe you're already knows about it.
The theme of our new single that will be release at Oct 9th is "Sakura Gakuin will cheer you in the sunday morning".

Monday morning is always been gloomy, right?
Sakura Gakuin will wipe that feeling away with a song.
We will recording it soon, you know!
Do you want this kind of song?
We will sing it fullheartly. And we was disscusing about doing something else too. 
So, from now on, Sakura Gakuin member will aploading a cheer up diary every monday morning.
No one will forgotten (lol).

And the one who do it the fisrt is... tettere~ Me!

The first thing I want to reccomend is...
The song that always cheer me up everytime I hear it.

I don't know why, but everytime I hear this song I feel like "Yosh! Lets go!".
It's a journey!.

2. Verishuvi
Verishuvi -> very very shubi duba.
It means irresistibly happy.
You'll definitely be happy even when you're gloomy.

3. Song for smiling
"Let’s go one step at a time", I think this is an important word.
From monday, we must do our best everyday.

If you hear all the song above, you'll be fine.

Make sure to hear it before go to school or work.
Then, everyone, good luck.

Today weather forecast is, 'poka poka'.


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